Framing your favorite photos and creating stunning decorative pictures has never been more sophisticated or accessible.

Introducing EcoTile

The Personalized Photo Frame That Brings Your Memories to Life

Welcome to the world of EcoTile by Print Tiles - a realm where elegance meets durability. Framing your favorite photos and creating stunning decorative pictures has never been more sophisticated or accessible. Experience the pleasure of solid 9mm MDF-based frames that are built to last, preserving your cherished memories for generations.

The EcoTile's 45-degree cut machining doesn't just promise durability - it adds a touch of class that fits seamlessly with any decor. Make your frame truly yours by personalizing it with your favorite colors. This way, your EcoTile won't just adapt to your style, it will enhance it!

Furthermore, each frame comes with two finishing options to protect your printed photo. Choose between a cold laminate protection for a long-lasting print, and a safe-to-clean option, allowing you to keep your memories fresh and vibrant. Welcome to the world of Print Tiles. Create, Personalize, Preserve.

corner of ecotile frame
A video showing the process of customizing the EcoTile frame, from choosing colors to selecting the finishing options
  1. Durability: Crafted with solid 9mm MDF base.
  2. Sophistication: 45-degree cut machining for a classy detail.
  3. Customizable: Choose your favorite colors for your frame.
  4. Protected: Comes with two finishing options - cold laminate for longevity and safe-to-clean for vibrancy.

Why Choose Print Tiles' EcoTile?
Personalize Your Memories Today

Our EcoTile is more than a photo frame. It's a personalized piece of art that captures and preserves your most precious memories. Here are reasons why you should choose EcoTile:

  1. Exceptional Durability: Our frames are built to last. Crafted with solid 9mm MDF base, EcoTile protects your photos for many years.
  2. Sophisticated Design: The elegant 45-degree cut machining detail perfectly complements any decor.
  3. Full Personalizable: Make it truly yours. Customize your frame with the colors you love.
  4. Perfectly Protected: Keep your photos safe and vibrant with our finishing options. Choose between a cold laminate protection for longevity and a safe-to-clean option for maintaining vibrancy.

image of three ecoTiles pictures pasted on the wall

Color Your Memories with EcoTile's Customizable Frames

Every memory is unique, and so should be the frame that holds it. With EcoTile's extensive color selection, you can add a personal touch to your frames, making each one a piece of art that complements your memory and decor.

ecoTile in black color

Black: Bold and timeless. A black EcoTile frame accentuates the rich colors in your photos, making it a perfect choice for vibrant images and modern interiors.

ecoTile in white color

White: Pure and serene. The white EcoTile frame brings a sense of calm and sophistication, ideal for minimalist decors and to showcase serene landscapes or light-colored images.

ecoTile in silver color

Silver: Sleek and modern. The silver EcoTile frame adds a touch of contemporary elegance, a brilliant choice for black-and-white photos or for blending in with high-tech and modern decors.

ecoTile in gold color

Gold: Luxurious and opulent. A gold EcoTile frame exudes luxury and grandeur, making it an excellent choice for ornate interiors or to give a regal touch to your precious memories.

Add a splash of color to your memories with our customizable EcoTile frames – available in black, white, gold, and silver to match your unique style and decor

Perfect Proportions for Your Precious

Memories with EcoTile's Size Selection

With EcoTile, you get more than just a frame. You get the freedom to choose the perfect proportion for your precious memories. From the intimacy of square frames to the expansiveness of horizontal frames or the commanding presence of vertical frames, EcoTile has you covered. Plus, you can choose your size in the units that suit you best - inches or centimeters. Here's what we offer:

A collage showing EcoTile frames in black colors each with a photograph that complements the color of the frame.

Square: Perfect for Instagram photos or to give your images a vintage polaroid feel. Available in various sizes to perfectly fit your needs

Vertical: Ideal for portrait photography or highlighting details. Choose from our range of sizes to find the one that suits your photograph the best

Horizontal: Best for landscape photography or wide-angle shots. Available in multiple sizes to ensure your photos get the showcase they deserve."

Preserve your memories in perfect proportions with EcoTile's wide size selection – whether square, vertical, or horizontal, in inches or centimeters, we have the right fit for your precious moments.